We are in an excellent location, only 4 km from Villaviciosa, with good communication to the highways and roads allowing you to travel in short space of time to any point interest and landmarks of the region and the Principality of Asturias.

For those looking for sun and beach, we are only 12 km away from the famous beach “Playa de Rodiles”, one of the most important beaches of Asturias. 1 km of beach alongside the river mouth of Villaviciosa, famously known as the “left wave” in the world of surfing. Apart from Rodiles, you can find other beautiful beaches like: Playa España, La Ñora, Merón, Misiego, Tazones, El Puntal, etc… There are a great variety of beaches and small bays all over the Asturias coast.

Close by you will be able to find 2 golf courses: Club de Golf Villaviciosa, only 6 km away from our house, in the Valley of La Ria, and Club de Golf La Llorea which is 20 km away with 18 holes and right next to the sea.

For the sport enthusiasts there is a variety of possibilities like: Canoeing (Descent of River Sella), biking horse riding, quad routes, fishing, diving or/and snorkeling, climbing, cannoning, rafting, etc.

Is worth mentioning the hiking experience, with a vast variety of routes in our region, from the world know “Camino de Santiago” (2 strands nearby), the routes of the Romanesque (Valdediós), route of the Ríu mills and the coast of the dinosaurs.

As well, we can show you for an artistic/cultural interest how the traditional houses are built, casonas placiegas, as well as other construction of the regions architecture. The Romanesque and pre-Romanic architecture can be appreciate in the nearby churches, “San Salvador de Valdedios” been the jewel of the region (World heritage).

There is significant variety of museum, some very busy like the Jurassic Museum or the museum of the Cider, as well as many other museum an interpretative centers.

The closest city is Gijon, 25 km away, which gives as the opportunity to fill our cultural agenda with the: Railway Museum, The aquarium, Botanic Garden, roman baths, Asturias Casino, among others.

As you can appreciate, our guests can find a great quantity and variety of activities which will suit all tastes and ages. Either if you been out and about in our regions or the Principality of Asturias, you will always be able to come back to the peace and quiet of our house and enjoy a relaxing time after a long day.

We invite you to come and enjoy Asturias, Natural paradise

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